What does it mean when we say that Smile Magic practices holistic dentistry?
As a holistic dental practice, we do several things:

  • Implement materials that are free of harmful products and ingredients (i.e. mercury.)
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your current overall health and medical needs, and make adjustments to your dental care plan in a way that is focused on total wellness
  • Prioritize dental needs as they relate to other health issues that you may be dealing with
  • Consider neuromuscular assessment of how the teeth and jaws function, thereby affecting other parts of the body (i.e. TMJ disorder, neck pain, back pain, posture, etc.)
  • Practice minimally invasive dentistry by incorporating advanced technology to diagnose needs earlier and treat them when they’re smaller
  • Work alongside of individuals to cater their care in a way that’s considerate of their long term oral health goals and needs

Mercury Safe Amalgam Filling Removal

Older styles of dental fillings are made from metal alloys that contain mercury. Science shows us that mercury fillings are most potent when vapors are released; this only happens when the material is being mixed and placed into the tooth and when the filling is being removed to replace it with something different.

Any dentist can remove an old filling. But a holistic dentist like Dr. Nazir and the Smile Magic team will use a special mercury safe system that removes the filling while limiting vapor exposure to patients and staff, as well as preventing it from entering the water supply.

For individuals worried about how mercury exposure can affect their health, safe amalgam practices are extremely important. Our holistic dentist puts your overall wellness first at all times.

What happens when the metal filling is removed? We use a mercury-free, aesthetic material to rebuild the tooth structure, such as a white filling or crown.

The Oral-Systemic Health Connection

When oral infections such as periodontal (gum) disease are present, it places a strain on your immune system and increases inflammation in your body. As such, it can make it more challenging to manage underlying health conditions and increase your risk of developing others.

Research has proven a direct relationship between the severity of gum disease and medical conditions like:

  • DiabetesInfertility (in both men and women)
  • Pneumonia and respiratory disease
  • Preeclampsia and premature labor
  • Cardiovascular diseases including stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack
  • Obesity
  • Alzheimer’s disease

By addressing gum infections and eliminating bacterial colonies under the gums, your improved oral health also impacts how your body manages secondary health issues. We consider oral health to be extremely important when it comes to benefitting your overall level of wellness.

Do Holistic Dentistry Services Cost More Than General Dental Care?

Like traditional family dental practices, Smile Magic accepts and files dental insurance claims on our patients’ behalf. The only difference between our holistic practice and one that is not, is that we implement a different oral-systemic approach to care as opposed to being focused on treating one or two individual teeth. We want to see you as the whole person, and use products and materials that we know are safe.

In other words, we’ll treat you like one of the closest members of our family, paying careful attention to other medical or health issues that you’re living with…not just focus on your smile. It’s about the vision, not the price.

Extending Past the Scope of Traditional Dental Care

Holistic dentists like Dr. Nazir are more in-tune with their patients’ overall health needs than traditional types of practitioners. At Smile Magic, we incorporate types of oral therapy that don’t just improve your smile, they increase your quality of life.

One example is our custom made oral sleep apnea appliances. Our Orange County dentist works with a sleep physician to determine if you’re a candidate for such a mouthpiece. If you are, we fit you for the medical prosthesis, work with your insurance to maximize coverage, and provide you with a more comfortable alternative to CPAP equipment.

Neuromuscular Dentistry. What is It?

“Occlusion” is the term we use to describe the unique biting relationship between the upper and lower teeth. The way the teeth occlude depend on their health, position, alignment, and functional patterns of the jaws.

A malocclusion is when the upper and lower jaws do not bite together properly. There could be a cross bite, over bite, open bite, etc. This discrepancy in your bite’s function begins to cause secondary issues through the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and radiate into the muscles of your face, neck, shoulders, and back.

Holistic dentists consider how the neuromuscular patterns of your teeth and jaws play into other health conditions. By correcting issues like missing teeth or ones that bite “too high” on one another, we can minimize the effects of problems like migraines, headaches, and TMJ disorder.

American Made Dental Materials

To keep the cost of care as low as possible, many dentists will use imported materials or labs in other third world countries, where the composition of the materials used to fabricate your prosthesis is not controlled by the FDA, areas. At Smile Magic, we believe that your smile deserves the best, especially when it comes to what materials are used to restore your smile.

Our restorative products — like dental implants — are made right here in the USA. We carefully screen each product to ensure that they are toxin-free and beneficial to the “whole body” health of our patients. Namely, mercury-free fillings. Each of our techniques and treatments are FDA and ADA approved.

Plus, we work with the best local labs and have a private lab on-site, to provide high quality restorations made in a trustworthy, efficient manner. This allows us to work more closely with the lab technicians in regard to specifying the design and color of your fixed or removable prosthesis.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Our Holistic Dentist

If you’re looking for the most experienced holistic dentist in Orange County, we invite you to call Smile Magic. We offer a complimentary consultation for all new patients. Whether you want to learn more about services like sleep apnea therapy, Invisalign, or dental implants, you’re welcome to meet with us to determine if our office is the right fit for your unique situation and priorities. /span>

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